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Space Agencies Projects

The development of space technologies and benefit the whole space sector and projects carried out by space agencies help to transform and grow the market. fentISS works closely with space agencies and some of them have trusted the company to implement their research and development activity:

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European Space Agency


Reference project of ESA to try out and evaluate methods, technologies, and tools for space mission development using an Earth Observation satellite simulators as basis.

YEAR: 2020
Centre national d'Études Spatiales


CNES Generic off-the-shelf framework, based upon a set of generic software building blocks, a qualified development process and associated offline tools for on-board software.

YEAR: 2020
Centre national d'Études Spatiales

Darwin Project

Avionics demonstrator developed at CNES using a single board computer around the Xilinx Zynq 7030 to demonstrate time and space partitioning implementing typical on-board applications (GNSS, TM/TC,…)

YEAR: 2019