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About us

At fentISS we are committed with safety to develop the best software solutions for critical real-time embedded partitioned systems.

The company

fentISS was born in 2010 as a spin-off company from the Instituto de Automática e Informática Industrial (AI2) located at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain). The research and development activity carried by the AI2 in virtualization techniques allowed the company obtaining a products like XtratuM Hypervisor, execution environments based on several standards and configuration and scheduling tools for partitioned systems.

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Universitat Politécnica de València

In fentISS, we offer software solutions specifically designed for critical real-time embedded partitioned systems using virtualization techniques. We provide software solutions to prevent mutual interference between critical embedded applications when running in a common hardware platform.

Nowadays, fentISS constitutes a prominent company specialized in embedded software development to achieve high-quality products. Its extensive experience has allowed the accomplishment of distinguished projects with space agencies or through the H2020 framework, in addition to having such well-known clients as Thales Alenia, Airbus Defence and Space, or OneWeb.

The team

Manuel Muñoz


Miguel Masmano


Vicente Nicolau

EU Projects Manager

Carlos Cuesta

Project Manager

Joaquín Martínez

Systems Administrator & DevOps

Antonio García-Vilanova

Software Engineer

Aridane Álvarez

Software Engineer

Ester López

Software Engineer

Esther Soriano

Software Engineer

Leandro Llano

Software Engineer

Raquel Picazo

Software Engineer

Sergio Pastor

Software Engineer

Umberto Andria

Software Engineer

Víctor Morales

Software Engineer

Ana Rísquez

Marketing Manager

César Tamarit

Finance Director


Alfons Crespo


Miguel Masmano


Patricia Balbastre


Our customers

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